KathleensCamera.com: Biographical Nostalgia

Photography has been an interest of mine since I was a small child. My mother would let me use her old Kodak box camera when it didn't have film in it (you probably don't remember that old reddish, papery film on three-inch spools) and I would take wonderful make-believe pictures. I can still remember the springy, clicking sound that old camera would make each time I pressed the shutter. For my 10th birthday I got a small Kodak Brownie camera of my own (along with film), but somehow my photos never turned out as I had envisioned they would when I took them. I kept trying though, and improved somewhat, but before I knew it I had a full-time job and three daughters to support. So much for serious photography other than hundreds of kid snapshots (which my daughters and I cherish to this day).

Well, times have changed . . . my children have grown (I even have seven grandkids ages 6 and under), I have retired from work, and I have a great camera. My photos (well, many of them) are even coming out as I envisioned they would (thanks to a number of wonderful photo classes and workshops).